photo: © Connexpo

Confartigianato Design Awards
Feed the future. Energy from traditions.

Italian Pavillion, EXPO Milan 2015
12 – 18 June

The objective of the Competition Call for Confartigianato Imprese was to select among the participants, through a Jury of experts, the products capable of expressing the “artisan value”.
Quality, excellence, personalization, identity are values that make the product recognizable and unique in its own way. Thanks to the traceability of the production chain, these values are also indicators of environmental sustainability and eco-compatibility.
The Call aims to give prominence and visibility, underlining the ability of Italian craftsmanship to renew its traditions, to work with innovative technologies and materials, to offer a flexible alternative to the standardized and serial proposals of the market, and last to combine dexterity, innovation, creativity and experience.
The Connexpo team was responsible together with their mentors for the whole process, starting from the competition call, selection, until the exhibition set up inside the Italian Pavillion of EXPO 2015. They designed the exhibition, spatial graphics, and catalogue design.

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photo: © Connexpo

Vasi Poliedrici, Francesca Verardo – photo: © Connexpo

Mek, Bosisio Mobili – photo: © Connexpo


Design Awards promoted by:
Confartigianato Imprese

Awards Concept:
Enrico Morteo
Franco Raggi

Awards Jury:
Franco Raggi
Jury President

Arturo Dell’Acqua Bellavitis
President of Fondazione Museo
del Design Triennale di Milano

Luciano Galimberti
President of ADI

Giovanna Giannattasio
Vice President of Connexpo

Matteo Morandi
Confartigianato Imprese

Enrico Morteo
Design Critic

Scientific and cultural coordination:
Giovanna Giannattasio
Franco Raggi

General coordination:
Lucia Mannella

Exhibition Design:

Connexpo Project Team:
Nour Abi Saad
Marta Alves
Duygu Ergin
Lucia Mannella
Alessia Mastroserio
Sheida Najafi Birgani
Thierry Nnomo
Luka Stefanovic
Lucia Torchiana

Organo Positivo Portatile, Inzoli Bonizzi – photo: © Connexpo

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