photo: © Domus Academy

Experiencing Creative Domestic Spaces

Triennale di Milano, Milan Italy
12 January -02 April 2018

A project by Domus Academy, part of the ‘’999 a collection of questions about contemporary living’’, curated by Stefano Mirti.

How can we define contemporary food experiences in the new domestic spaces?
The students at Domus Academy were tasked with answering this question. A call for ideas that gave birth to SHARE EAT.
5 installations / performances, presenting 5 contemporary and innovative ways of portraying the relationship between living and food.

Share Eat and its events schedule are curated by:
Line Ulrika Christiansen, Elisa Chiodo, Elisa Poli, Amelia Valletta, and Nour Abi Saad.

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video: © Domus Academy

Collective Thinking
04.03.18 Triennale di Milano

Enjoy The Process
18.02.18_ Triennale di Milano

Vanity Fête
18.03.18_ Triennale di Milano


A project by:
Domus Academy

Domus Academy Students:
Carlos Guijarro, Naddhan Udayasen, Christia Chamoun, Maria Bustamante, Silvia Frassanito, Chiara Cioffi, Melissa Cotes Ricciulli, Felipe Saito Dos Santos, Snigdha Singh, Vanshika Saigal, Mohana Vishnu Reddy Sanikommu, Anna Turdzeladze, Olga Smirnova, Roxana Corina Murgu, Yogita Katyal, Bianca Soneghetti

Domus Academy poster, colofon & competition graphics:
Nour Abi Saad

Domus Academy Teacher:
Sara Ricciardi

Catalogue Curator:
Mariagiovanna Di Iorio

Graphical Project:
Print Club Torino / Quattrolinee

General Curatorship:
Stefano Mirti

In collaboration with:
Triennale di Milano

Thanks to:
Ivan Bargna, Allan Bay, Enrico Vignoli, Franco Raggi, PRESSO

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